So, I am starting a honest blog, describing the way of getting stuff done, becoming a freelancer and hopefully traveler, building up my startup, career, etc.

I hate receiving emails myself and won’t be using my readers’ inboxes as spam destinations. I also don’t understand why for the god sake someone still opens promotional emails. I also don’t understand how affiliate marketing and such things work, so it’s simply a blog for reading and writing. Nothing fancy.

I live in Berlin, Germany and originally I’m Georgian. I’m doing here my MA in Political Economy, start sharpening up my startup and want to start freelancing, working remotely and  slowly gaining financial independence. I’m too much into music-making and many interesting things, I actually have numerous amazing ideas!

Well, I’m a girl who’s young & broke, but wants to be rich, travel a lot and do really interesting & valuable things.


So, I don’t have a plan how many blog posts I’ll be writing per week and won’t even purchase a domain yet, I want this blog to be honest, amateur and describe my real-time stories while I’m struggling to do something valuable and income-bringing in life.

So, come on in when you see my blog post in your feed!

Regards, Ana.



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